Fishing Game – Review

Fishing Game is always loved by kids. Generally, it is very hard in the daily life to find ponds, river, lakes, etc. to do fishing activities with your kids. The only solution is the fishing toys that are meant to be played at home with your friends and family.  

Introducing the Fishing Baby - A Fishing Game for the kids

This Fishing Game comes with the following things:

1. The Fishing Game itself

2.  Fishing rods – 2

3. Water Buckets- 4

4. Ducks/Fishes – 5 

As you can see in the below video.

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Now we discuss about its features:

This fishing game comes with the good built in quality as it is made of up Solid Plastic that is more stronger than the normal plastic toys and same goes for the buckets and fishes. Now Let’s see it features.

1. Sound

This fishing game comes with the inbuilt sound functionality. There is a button on the top right, by using it you can make changes in the sound.  The sound quality of this fishing game is average. 

Fishing Game

2. Water Pouring

The best feature of this game is that we can pour water in it. This makes the play more exciting as it gives the real feeling of fishing. 

Fishing Game

3. Fish Rotations

The fishes and ducks rotates in circular motion and the main objective of this feature is to catch the fishes with the fishing rods attached. 

What we like in this Fishing Game

We like the following things in the Fishing Game:

1. The Built quality of this game is pretty good as the buckets and fishes/ducks built with the solid plastic.

2. Playing with this game is really fun as the water part is so amazing.

3. We do like the concept as it really gives kids a feeling of real life fishing.

4. Rotations of the fishes make this game bit difficult which makes kids more excited to catch the fishes.

So, these are some points we like in this game. 

What we do not like in this Fishing Game

The game is good but there are certain things that we do not like which are as follows:

1. The fishing Rod quality though they are decent but does not match with the Fishes quality.

2. Sound sometimes become so irritation as there must a option to make changes in the voice level.

3. This fishing game is battery operated so changing the battery may cause you some irritation. 


Rating By Us:


Product Details

Age: 3+

Material: Non- Toxic



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