5 Cool Toys on Amazon

toys on amazon

Amongst the pool of toys on Amazon, we “The Unboxing Toys” presents you the best 5 cool toys on Amazon. These below toys are the top toys on Amazon for 2020, you can simply read this full blog and buy the toys by just going to amazon.com. Get ready to learn about new toys.


First of all, every kid is passionate about toys. For kids, toys are the best friend who always remains with them. Kids are the centre of any family, a smile of a child’s face is worth more than the billions for parents and toys are one of the ways to put a smile on a child’s face.

We have heard from many parents that buying toys to their kids is just a wastage of money buys according to us the toys are the first source of learning for the kids, buy them toys to which they can learn something. A kid may learn from every toy as from a remote control car, a kid may learn about how to drive a car and rules for driving the car. The technology-oriented toys help a kid to pace up with the latest technology and helps to develop his/her brain. Also, various board games sharpen the minds of kids. So, toys are a great source of learning as children learn very fast from toys as they think they are playing.

5 Cool Toys on Amazon:

Here is the list of 5 cool toys on amazon you can buy on amazon:

1. 5th Toy on Amazon: Pictionary Air


5 cool toys on amazon

The Pictionary air is a classic family game, it is basically a drawing game. With the invent of new technology, you just need to download an app “Pictionary air” on your smartphone or your tablet to get started. Point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they will appear, along with the sketch on the screen of your smartphone.

Now ready to play it with your family and friends… !! You can buy this toy by clicking here

2. 4th toy on amazon: Sphero Mini

toys on amazon

The 4th one is Sphero Mini, it comes with an exclusive Sphero mini ball which can be controlled with the help of your smartphone. You just need to download the Sphero Mini app on your smartphone to explore driving modes or use the robot as the controller in-app mini-games.

This whole pack includes stem-inspired kit with the tracks to build a new way for your Sphero mini, construct and play with it. You can buy this this toy by clicking here

3. 3rd toy on Amazon: ArmyGear Laser Battle

5 cool toys on amazon

With this toy gun, turn your backyard or home into a laser tag arena with the ArmoGear Laser gun. It includes target vest, invisibility mode, night mode, flashlight and etc. Up to 4 teams can play with this toy gun set, and the main aspect of this toy is that it is 100% safe using child safety infrared signals emission-0.9mW.

The vibration and sound look very real it is the best toy to buy on amazon. You can buy it by Clicking Here

4. 2nd Toy on Amazon: Supernova Drone

The 2nd one is the supernova drone. It is basically based on playing within the boundaries of home you can play it at outside also buy recommended to play inside the home. It is one of the best drones that can be controlled by hand gestures. The light in this drone is just amazing you may feel awesome.

One of the best choice to buy this toy for your kid. You can buy it by Clicking Here

5. 1s toys on amazon: Lego Space Shuttle


This is the lego shuttle battle. It features a flatbed truck and trailer, plus a space shuttle and a satellite. Flatbed truck and trailer features vertical exhaust stacks, roof-mounted horns, tinted windshield and 10 wheels with rubber tires.

Simply load the space shuttle onto the heavy-duty truck and head for the launch site and Blast off into space, open the payload doors and use the crane to put the satellite into orbit, before heading back to earth for a perfect landing.

You can buy it by Clicking here


First of all, thank you for reading the above blog. You can select any kind of toy you want. These all are safe and better to play with your kids.

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