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Indian Doll

Dolls are one of the oldest toys that are played by children. They played a central role in educating a child about the traditional rituals and also they are the representative of deities. Indian dolls are also one of the most famous toys that are played by the children. Indian dolls with saree or with Indian suit represents our cultures, traditions, and rituals. 

In this blog, we “The Unboxing Toys” gives you our reviews on the Indian Doll – “Dulha – Dulhaan” (Indian Wedding Couples).

Indian Doll

Introduction To This Indian Doll (Dulha-Dulhaan):

This product is manufactured by Jainsons and Marketed by Kids Kingdom. This Indian doll comes with blister packaging and includes two dolls i.e. a Bride and a Groom. The dresses are prefix and they are removable. 

The main purpose of this doll is to educate a child about the grandeur preparation of Indian Weddings and rituals or to cultivate the good values like relationship building, spreading love, etc. into a child.  

You can see the below videos to know more about the product.

Features of this Indian Doll:

1. Educative:

The first and foremost feature of this doll is educative. With this handy toy, a child can learn about the rituals, dresses, and many other things about the wedding culture in India. Kids these days are very smart and open to learn with this Indian doll you may teach your children about the benefits of partner or relationship. 

2. Hand Movement:

The other feature in this Indian Doll is the hand movements of both Bride and Groom. Children can move their hand in 360 degree directions. This feature helps a child to learn the hand movements and also learn how to shake hands. 

3. Eyes Movement:

These both dolls have eye movement feature in which you eye can moved in up and down with the movement of dolls. The eyes are very sensitive in this toy so we are recommending you not to touch the eyes as it can be damage.

4. Removable Clothes:

As in every doll, you can change the clothes of both the dolls. These creative element are always loveable by kids as they always want something new so by changing the clothes your child may get the feel of new toy. 

What We Like in This Indian Doll:

We like the following things in this Indian Doll:

1. This is an Indian traditions value driven product as by this product a child can learn many Indian values and rituals. 

2. The colors of the clothes are good and vibrant also the eyes, lips and eyebrows are looking real. 

3.  Hand and Eye movement feature is also good in this product as it helps a child to play with these dolls.

4.  It can be useful in school plays, theatre rounds, or fancy dress competitions. You can match these dolls with the character’s role that a child play in his/her school competition.

What We Dis-Like in This Product:

We Dis-Like these things in this product:

1. The quality of this product is not so good, as it is made up of Plastic. The clothes that comes with this toy also looks average. 

2. Another thing that disappoint us is the packaging of this product, the packaging material is not good.  

3. No accessories or Jewelleries are given with this product as this is also a demerit of this product. 

Rating By Us:


Product Details:

Age : 3+

Colour: Multi Colour

Product Dimension: 26 x 5 x 29 cm

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