10 Best Indian Toys for 2 Year Old Kids

2 year old

“Toys are not only meant for playing but also for enhancing skills & knowledge.”

Today, we are giving our best picks of the top 10 Indian toys for 2 year old kids. 

When a kid turns 2 years old it becomes important for parents to pay attention to their development and growth part. Toys are one of the ways or we say the best way to impart the learning into a kid. In this age, children develop many new abilities and are very excited and enthusiastic in knowing each and everything around them. 

Toys are the source that helps them in learning new things very easily. Without a toy, a child is like the Sun without its rays. (Read More Toy Quotes

Herewith this blog, The Unboxing Toys provides you with the best Indian toys for 2 year old kids. We have searched a lot and find the top 10 toys for 2 year old kid that helps in leaning and educating a child with more fun and with more joy.


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Here are the top 10 Indian toys for 2 years old kids: 

1. Funskool – Giggles Stacking Cubes:

Toys for 2 years old kids

This is one of the best Indian Toys for 2 year old children.  According to Stanford Children’s Health, children love to build blocks when they are in that age group. The Best part is it is MADE IN INDIA.

Helps In: Learning Shapes, colours, hand-eye-coordination, etc. 

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2. Funskool – Leap-Frog: 

toys for 2 years old kidIt is another and our favourite toy for 2 year old kids. It is a plush toy having songs inbuilt in it. You just need to press the button in his tummy and sound automatically play. Also, it is MADE IN INDIA.

The only disadvantage of this product is that there is no off button as you have to listen to full song or lullabies after pressing the button. But it is a very minor disadvantage. 

Overall the product is awesome!!

Helps In: It includes lullabies, shapes, colour sounds, etc. which is the best one to help children learn way faster than the traditional methods. 


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3. Shumee 8-in-1 Wooden Baby Walker for 2 years old kids:

The next Indian toy for this age group is Shumee 8 in 1 Baby Walker. This walker is a multifunctional walker, you may see in the picture it has built-in Xylophone, Clock, Gliders, gears, etc.

When a 2 years old kid walk, run or jump awkwardly, he/she may look so cute. Keep this cuteness with the help of this walker, start teaching your kids in learning new things.  

Help In:  Sensory development, it keeps the children engaged, Colourful, different learning experience, etc.

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4.  ToyZone – Basket Ball Set:

One more toy for 2 years old kids. First of all the material used in this toy is Plastic. The quality is good and very lightweight and height can be adjusted up to 93 cm. 

You need to fill the water in the base of this toy (Stand) so that it would balance better. 

Helps In: The product helps in children walking and running, helps in thumb and finger control, leaning about the balls, throwing skills, etc. Goal setting is learned with the help of this toy.

And it is also MADE IN INDIA. ToyZone is also an Indian Toy Manufacturing company. 


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5. Brainsmith – 5 in 1 Activity Box:

toys for 2 years old kids

This toy is also our favourite and it the best Indian toy for learning new things for 2 years old children. The 5 activities in this toy are Gears which can be rotated, Shapes, Flipping the Numbers, Move Sliders. 

Helps In: Learning colours, shapes, focusing on the activities and keep a child engaged. Developing motor skills, enjoyment in flipping and using the hammers. 

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6. Dimpy Toys – Monkey Bed:

This is a children bed in which children can take rest by sleeping or sitting on it. It is smooth and made up of Polyester. It is the best soft toy among various other toys for 2 year old kids.

Again it is MADE IN INDIA. 

Helps In: Soft and loveable, comfortable to sit and sleep.

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7. ToyZone – Teddy Bear Walker:

This is an electronic walker which is made up of Plastic. It has certain features like alphabetical rhymes, animal voices, etc. 

This toy is fully made up of plastic as some of the customers does not like this product due to its average quality but if we see at at its features as it is a walker + Rhymes learning or lights and sounds. 

Helps In: 

Leaning new rhymes, running and walking, number counting also one of the best features in this toy. Also, your kid can learn the rhymes and alphabets with the help of sounds and stunning lights. 


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8. Shumee – 3-1 BlackBoard: 

Shumee an Indian toy company brings the new and its famous toy i.e. 3 in one Blackboard. Chalk- Duster, 25 clips and flip sheets and Whiteboard with the maker.

This toy is fully dedicated to the passionate 2 years old artists who love drawing and making pictures in walls. You can gift this toy to your nearby and loved once.

Helps In: Keep Engaged, Save your home wall (Just Kidding), build a great artist, learning how to write or make lines.


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9. Fisher Price – Infant Chain Making Toy: 


This is another Indian Toy by popular company Fisher-Price. The quality used in this product is excellent, colours are vibrant, it easily connected with each other, smooth and flexible. 

Best Part it is MADE IN INDIA.

Helps In: Develop Motor skills into the child. Engaging with the product helps in learning colours, gives utmost happiness. 

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10. Toiing – 10 in 1 Play Set: 

toys for 2 years old kids

This is one of the best Indian toy for a bit higher age group (3-4 years old) but according to us, a 2 years old kid can also find it relevant. This toy covers 10 times that are shown in the image.  

According to the Stanford Children’s Health blog,

Children at this age group use toys as a fun pouring water from one cup to another. 

Helps In: Developing hand-eye-coordination, enhancing skills, learning colours, engaged with many activities, etc. 

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Conclusion for Best Indian Toys for 2 Year Old Children:

These toys are the best or top toys for 2 year old kids that helps in various part in learning. Children at this age group are enthusiastic, now it becomes yours as a parent responsibility to fed them with the best things or toys. You can select these toys as they are non-toxic and MADE IN INDIA.

Thank you for reading !!! 

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