Foosball Game – Review

Foosball Game

Today, we are giving our reviews to Foosball Game. Foosball game invented by  Harold Searles Thornton from the United Kingdom in 1921. (Retrieved from Wikipedia). In each row there are defenders, midfielder, strikers.  The main objective of this game is to score a predetermined goals (in this game you have to score 9 goals in order to win.

In this review, the following things are covered:

1. About the Product. 

2. Features 

3. What we Liked in this Foosball Game

4. What we Did Not Like in this Foosball Game

5. Our Ratings and Buying Links

Foosball Game

About the Product

This Game is also known as Table Soccer or Table Football and it is fully meant for kids as it is made up of plastic that is why it is light in weight. 

This Foosball game comes with the following things:

Foosball Table

– Two balls

– Your Favorite Team Stickers

– Four Supporting Material for this game.

Let's Discuss its Features:

1. Flexible to Play:

It is very flexible. The movement of rods and the players are very flexible, a child can easily move the player in order to hit the football. 

2. Solid Balls:

The balls in this game is made of up stone like material which is far better than plastic. The balls can easily gripped with the rods and also there is no damage on dropping the balls from 5-6 feet. 

Foosball Game

3. Scoreboard:

This game comes with a scoreboard that brings more joy while playing the game. The scoreboard is present on the both side of the table and each player can change the score simply by swiping the square according to the score. 

4. Foosball Table Support Feature:

This game comes with 4 supports that can be attached at the backside of the table. These supports helps a lot in providing stability in the game. You can see in the below video.

So, these are the features of the game, now let us discuss, what we like and dislike in this game. 

What We Liked:

In this game, we like the following things:

1. Easy to play and it is best for a child to learn the Foosball game as it is light in weight so that it can easily be managed by a child.

2.  We like all the features in this game, like scoreboard, Foosball player designs, balls in this game, and many more features.

3. Suitable for up to 6 players. It is the best advantage as the game can be played with friends and family easily.

4. It can be played in small area as we do not need a big room to play this game.

So, these are some points we like in this game.

What We Did Not Like:

We did not like the following things:

1. The Quality, the material is plastic which can be easily broke by kids.

2. Not have Proper Space in between the rods means the game can be played but if there will be more space then it is better.

3. Finishing is not up to the mark and height of this table is low. 

So, these are the points we did not like in this game.

Ratings By Us:


Product Details:

Age Recommended: 6+

Material: Plastic and Stone Like Material (for Balls).

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