5 Mystery Games For Kids

“Good mystery games for kids are not only meant for entertainment purpose but also, these games help in learning new critical decision-making skills into a child.”

Mystery games are always fun to play. The thrill and excitement of playing mystery games are the main reason why children love these games.

Be ready with your family to play these five mystery games; we are sure that these mystery games would not let you bored doing this quarantined time. The hidden clues, tips, technique and various other things would always give you hope whenever you stuck in some places in these mystery games for kids.

So, here are the top 5 mystery games for kids:

1. Escape the Room Stargazer’s Manor: 

mystery games for kids







Escape the Room by ThinkFun, is an exciting and best game to play with your family. The basic theme of this game is that there is an astronomer named Stargazer who has been not seen in the town after the passing of his wife since 1869. It is said that strange noises and unusual activities are there in his manor.

The main objective of this game:

You have to unlock the mystery of Stargazer’s Manor through various clues and hidden items.

It contains:

– Scene Card

– 5 Sealed Envelopes

– Secret Items (inside the five sealed envelopes)

– Solution Wheel

– Instruction Manual

Age: 10 and up.

2. Betrayal at House on the Hill: 

mystery games for kids

It is also the best mystery game. It can be played with 3-6 people. If you love suspense, then this game is for you.

The Game:

In this mystery game, each player has to choose an explorer to investigate haunted houses. While you explore different haunted houses, you will know about different new rooms, and each time you enter into a new room you will encounter some new spirits.

The main objective of this game:

The main objective is to explore the houses and make your own character bit stronger. You have to win this game with your own character.

This game includes:

– Contents include 1 rulebook,

– 2 haunt books,

– 44 room tiles,

– 1 Entrance Hall/Foyer/Grand staircase tile,

– 6 explorer figures,

– 6 two-sided character cards,

– 30 plastic clips,

– 8 dice, 1 Turn/Damage track

Age: 12 and up.

3. Heist, Crack the Safe to Get the Gold: 

mystery games for kids

This is our personal favourite game. We recommend you do play this game.

In this game, you will get Electronic Safe

-8 Tools

-12 Plastic Gold Bars

-$50 Million in Play Money


 Up to 4 players can play this game, as in each player has to choose between four roles that are, Hacker, Money Man, Explosives Expert or Lookout.

All players must sit at their respective places at the safe to crack it using the 8 tools given in the box. This becomes the main objective of the game, that you and your team have to capture the 50 million dollars from the safe.

We recommend you to play this game with your family and friends. This is the best mystery games for kids.

Age: 7 and Up.

4. Hasbro Clue Grab Game: 


In this game, the main theme is that Mr Bobby is found dead into his manor, the main task of the player is to find the main killer as who is the killer, where, when and why he/she killed Mr Bobby.

2 people can play the game with age 8 and up.

5. Cat Crimes: 

mystery games for kids

It is the last in the list of 5 mystery games for kids, and the most logical and tricky game. It is the best logical game which helps in increasing the brains level of the kids. It is a single-player game which includes:

-Game Board

-6 Cat Tokens (with token stands)

-6 Crime Tokens

-40 Challenge Cards with Solutions,

The main objective of this game is to find the culprit of the crime using the crime tokens.

In this game, you just need to select a card and place it on the board. The card that you have placed on the board has many clues to help you to solve the challenge that is a crime. You have to read them carefully and find which cat is sitting where at the time of the crime. And once you identified which cat sat in front of the crime you won‼

Age: 8 and up


These are the top mystery games for kids that can be played with the help of family members so enjoy playing these games. 

Again, “A good mystery games not only for entertainment purpose but also it helps in learning new critical decision-making skills into a child”

Thank you for reading these 5 mystery games for kids!!

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