How To Register on TOYCATHON 2021

We are receiving various queries regarding How to register on TOYCATHON 2021 and submit your idea. In this article, we will clearly tell you about Toycathon 2021 Registration Process and what are the prerequisites.

What is TOYCATHON 2021?

It a new initiative organized by the Ministry of Education’s Innovation cell with the support from “All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of MSME, Ministry of Textiles and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting”

India has a huge potential of becoming the world leader in toys. The Indian Toy Industry worth 1.5 billion USD Dollar but only 20% of that is captured by our Indigenous products 80% are from Imports only. To cope up with this situation, this initiative/challenged emerged.

It gives a plethora of opportunities to STUDENTS, TEACHERS, PROFESSIONAL AND ENTREPRENEURS. 

Pre-Requisites For Toycathon Registration 2021:

  1. A team minimum of 3 Members and 1 Mentor.
  2. Idea for submission
  3. Images/Videos of that Idea.

How to Register on TOYCATHON 2021:

  1. Go to then simply press the Registration button at the top right corner.

2. Then You Have to Select from These:

If you are a School Student (8-12th class) – REGISTER ON TRACK 1

If you are a College Student (Graduation and Post Graduation): REGISTER ON TRACK 2

If you are an Entrepreneur: REGISTER ON TRACK 3

how to register on toycathon 2021

3. Fill the desired Information about Yourself


You have to fill the information like Name, Mobile, Email, etc. And click on Proceed Application.

4. Your Dashboard:


5. Now You Have to Make Your Team:

You have to click on Create Your Team on the right side. 

6. Submit Your Idea:






-Select Category like if its a Digital Toy or Physical Toy

-Select Theme 

-Enter Idea Title 

-Explain the Approach

-Detail Description 

-And in Last, you have to submit a ppt, the link for the ppt is as follows



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