7 Life Lessons And Values For Kids

7 values for kids



For children, values must be inherited or to be learned by heart, so that they can be a better individual in the upcoming time. By this Blog, we are giving 7 values for kids so that they can cope up with the challenges in the real world or in real life.

Children are the centre of attraction in any family and they are obviously the future builders of the nations. Learning is always beneficial for everyone whether for children or for an adult. It is generally said that “Without the Values, an individual is like a body without a soul”, or “A Flower Without Fragrance”,  or values without individuals sounds like “Sun Without its Rays”.

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 1st Values for kids: Be Honest:

From the 7 values for kids, the first one is “Honesty is the Best Policy”. Teaching honesty to children and explaining the consequences of telling a lie is mandatory for every parent and teacher.  Children’s actions would be based upon their parents or their peers as what they see they will believe.

For Example, Parents often tell their children to tell a lie when parents do not want to take a call from someone or not to attend a party, this can cause a bad effect on a child as he may develop the habit of telling a lie.

2nd Values for Kids: Respect Your Teachers And Elders:

It is the core value for kids “The student who maintains the pride of their teachers, always stay prideful in the universe”.  Respecting elders is the core value that must be inherited into children so that in the future they become so humble and kind.

3rd Values for Kids: Positive Thinking:

Thinking positive is an asset for success. Without it, it is very difficult to become a successful person. Teaching children to think positively in any and every situation in life makes them more strong and more responsible for their duties.

A classic example of the glass with some water in it. It can be interpreted by two means i.e. a half-filled with water or a half-empty. Half filled water in the glass will be considered as positive thinking, as we have something with us to which we can make something in real life.

4th Values for Kids: Stay Away From Bad Company:

Teach your children to be in good company as children can be easily manipulated. Most of the children get more influenced by the bad habits that are learned from the bad company. Mostly in Schools, or other learning places.

Stay with a positive person and always avoid contact with persons who have bad qualities.

*Mostly children are influenced by the bad company but not all, some children are like the lotus flower which rises from the mud, the same as children also have the ability to rise while residing in the bad company.

5th Values for kids: Lend a Helping Hand to Others:

The most important value for kids is always staying humble and always lend a helping hand to others. It is our duty to help the weak and not to dishearten anyone in this world.

6th Values for kids: Never Speak Bad Words:

One of the most important life lessons for every kid, never ever speak bad words to anyone as this will make you in trouble someday.

Taking an example from Mahabharata, Draupadi speaks bad words to Duryodhana is one of the reasons for the great war between the two brothers Kauravs and Pandavas.

7th Values for kids: Love Everyone:

Stay humble, kind, and love everyone.

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