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Do you remember the golden days of our childhood? When we used to play with various traditional Indian games like Lattu, Pithu,  Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi, etc. We, by this blog, cherishing our old beautiful memories by giving you the top 10 traditional Indian games we used to play during our childhood.

The ancient Indian epic has many interesting game descriptions that entertained people at the time through fictitious but strategic challenges. For example, consider a causal game, often referred to as a viral board game’s ancestor.

India has always been rich in culture and tradition, and games have always been an important part of Indian culture. Whether Lord Shiva and his spouse Parvati play Pachisi, Pandava loses Draupadi in a game of dice, Mughal enjoying an afternoon of chess, games, and sports, Indian history.

1. Pithu/Lagori:

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This game is also known as Pithoo or Lagori in some parts of India. Any number of people can play. You need 7 small flat stones. The size of each stone should be smaller than the other stones. Stack the stones in ascending order of size. Hit the mountain with a cloth ball of a certain difference. Saturday, now commonly known as Lagori, is a seven-stone game. It is unknown in other countries as it was performed in an Indian village that later expanded into urban areas.

2 Ludo:

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Like Parcheesi, Ludo is derived from the Pachisi game that began in India in the 6th century, and the earliest evidence of this game in India is the depiction of the boards of the Ajanta Caves.

Emperor Mughal of India played this game. A notable example is Emperor Akbar.

In England, Pachisi was modified to use dice and was patented as “Ludo” in 1896. This is the most used game in history by the Royal Navy.

3 Lattu:

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Lattu (tops) have been popular in India for centuries. The first existence of Lattoo was observed in 3500 BC. C. Initially, the cap was made from clay. After that, the top of the tree came out to the front. Designers and color tops have come to light today. Includes a rope that allows the top to be rotated and lifted

4 Gilli Danda:

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This game is also known as Lippa. It’s an old version of modern cricket and baseball. You need two clubs of different sizes to play this game. The shortest stick is called “Giri,” and the longest stick is called “Danda.” Currently, this game is mainly played in Indian villages. The game’s purpose is to use Danda to hit the edge and turn it over in the air. There may be multiple participants at the same time.

5 Chess:

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The first name of chess is “Ashitapada.” Later, it was in the Gupta dynasty. It was famously called “Chaturanga.” Once again, the Persians who travelled to India adopted the game and began to call it “Shatranj.” During the Indus Valley civilization, archaeologists found traces of a chess-like game.

6 Snakes and Ladders:

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Snakes and Ladders is one of the traditional Indian games that has emerged as a moral game. In ancient India, the game was known as “Gyan Chaupar” and gained worldwide popularity during the British era.

7 Cards:

Traditional Indian Games

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Indians often play bridge, ramie, bluff, and other card games. Card games took shape in India in the 16th century. The Mughal Empire introduced them, and it was called “Ganjifa.” The game included a gorgeous card game made of ivory and turtle shells, adorned with various precious and expensive stones.

8. Pallankuzhi:

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Games for two players, Pallankuzhi, is one of the popular traditional Indian games played primarily in the country’s southern part. The game is played on a rectangular board divided into 7 vertical columns and 2 horizontal rows.

9 Raja Mantri

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Raja Mantri is a paper-based game. Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi is a type of role-playing game that is a popular pastime in India. It includes four players (each player takes on the role of king, minister, thief or soldier), and the minister must guess the identity of the thief.

10. Kancha:

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Kancha was one of the most popular games among the kids in the neighbourhood. I’m playing with marbles called “Kancha.” Players must use their marbles to hit the selected target “Kancha.” The winner takes all the Kanchas from the remaining players.

So, these are the top 10 Traditional Indian Games that we used to play during our childhood. Those were the days !!

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